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I am pleased to advise that the Friends English Movie Club will continue in 2014. The club is now into its seventh year and I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the club.


The aims of the English Movie Club are:

  • to enjoy English movies (with Japanese subtitles) with friends.
  • to practice English by meeting after the movie for a meal, snack or drink, and discussing the movie in English with each other and with a native speaker.
  • to promote cross cultural friendships.

The club is open to any nationality, age group and level of English ability but please note that many of the movies are not suitable for children. The venue is the Alex Cinema in Takatsuki in the Al Plaza building. Other venues will be considered if time permits. If you know of an English movie being shown at another venue, please let me know. The Movie Club meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month. The movie name, starting time and finishing time will be sent to you by email after the movie theatre has published the schedule on its website. Please note that sometimes the schedule is only published a few days in advance. The Alex Cinemas website is: .


  • Each person will pay for their own movie tickets.
  • Each person will pay for their own food and drink after the movie.
  • You may bring friends, but the discussion after the movie will be in English and if your friends don’t speak English, they may find it boring..
  • You only need to attend those movies that you want to see.
  • The venues for the discussions will be flexible and dependant on the number of attendees.
  • If you are unable to attend the movie at the scheduled time, you are welcome to see the movie at another time and attend our discussion after the scheduled movie.  Please meet us in the foyer of the movie theatre after the movie.

Proposed Schedule for 2013

Month Matinee * Evening
January No Movie Club because of holidays Wednesday 15th

Wednesday 5th

Wednesday 19th

March Wednesday 5th

Wednesday 19th

April Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 16th

Wednesday 7th or
no Movie Club because of holidays

Wednesday 21st
June Wednesday 4th Wednesday 18th
July Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 16th
August Wednesday 6th Wednesday 20st
September Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 17th
Octorber Wednesday 1st Wednesday 15th
November Wednesday 5th Wednesday 19th
December Wednesday 3rd No Movie Club because of holidays

* matinee--- a movie or stage play shown during the day.

This schedule may change due to public holidays, vacations, unavailability of suitable movies or changes in working schedules. Any changes will be advised to all members by email.

To receive movie notifications please send your email address to